Absollem : Chapter 1 (Jamafra Records)

Jamafra Records presents its new production; Absollem “Chapter 1”. This is the first part of the “Off-Road” project, this brand new opus kicks off a long-standing project between Absollem and Matka, his favorite beatmaker.
This first chapter of 5 tracks, like the whole project, travels between Reggae Roots, Digital, Vapor and Hip-Hop, the very essence of Absolem’s musical influences.
Beyond the musical project, the two artists wanted to share their music with as many people as possible.
The idea of a weekly meeting was born, so you can find each week the video of one of the tracks produced by Jamafra Records.
So today we are unveiling “Chapter 1” a fraction of the musical universe of Absollem, stay tuned the rest is coming very soon.

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Tracklist :

1/ Dem Gonna Ask You – 02:58min
2/ Grumpy Rain – 03:00min
3/ Elders – 03:47min
4/ Frowny Boss – 03:16min
5/ Old Banger – 03:59 min


• Vocal : Absollem
• Composition : Matka
• Mix : S.Buttigieg (Jamafra Studio)
• Mastering : Masterdisk Europe
• Production : Jamafra Records
• Distribution : Jamafra
• Pictures & video : Tcheck 10
• Artwork : Gridboy

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